The Wellness Centre

at Heacham Manor

Discover the Art of Wellbeing

At The Wellness Centre, we believe in a holistic approach to fitness and relaxation. Our carefully curated amenities are designed to support you on your journey to become your best self, ensuring every visit leaves you feeling better than before. Paired with Heacham Manor's peaceful grounds The Wellness Centre is a tranquil destination to achieve your personal physical and mental health goals. 

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The Gym Placeholder Group

The Gym

Equipped with advanced fitness equipment, our gym offers a spacious environment for a complete workout session. Whether your goal is cardio endurance or strength training, we have all the tools to enhance your fitness regime:

  • Treadmills
  • Recline Bike
  • Upright Bike
  • Rowing Machines
  • Cross Trainer
  • Stepper
  • Leg Press
  • Dip/Leg Raise
  • Cable Machine (inc pull up bars)
  • Smiths Machine
  • Lat Pull down/Row machine
  • Free Weights (Dumbbells) 2kg - 30kg + 2 weight benches
  • Olympic Bar with 100kg plates
  • Stretch Area - Mats and Bosu Ball
  • Filtered Water Machine (bring your own bottle)
Thermal Spa at The Wellness Centre

The Thermal Suite

Ideally suited to total body relaxation as well as post workout recovery. Our thermal suite offers a range of experiences to recompress and soothe your body. An oasis of warmth and relaxation, our thermal suite includes:

  • Jacuzzi: Sink into bubbles and let the warm water jets massage away your stress.
  • Sauna: Embrace the heat to soothe aching muscles and cleanse your body of toxins.
  • Steam Room: Surround yourself with gentle steam for a therapeutic and purifying experience.
  • Monsoon Shower: Experience the invigorating touch of our monsoon shower, leaving you refreshed and revitalized.

Become a Member

We have a limited number of Gym and Thermal Suite Memberships available at £35 per month.

For membership enquiries please email or call our team on 01485 536029.