In Support of British Cuisine

A recent debate has sparked across social media, bringing British cuisine into the hot seat. Our nation’s beloved grub has been suffering many a criticism from social media accounts across the world: well, we’re here today to defend our side with a little historical context, and to take a bit of a deeper look into the opinions against the Brits’ diets, as well as celebrating our own North Norfolk heritage!

Beans on thick seeded toast with parsley garnish

The Debate

A debate that has triggered many times over the years has just sparked again on platforms such as TikTok and Twitter. With the age-old drag on some of the absolute English classics, from a Sunday Roast to the all-out English Breakfast, many social media users have flocked to share their distaste for our nation’s cuisine.

Joining the side of our fellow outraged Brits, the team at Heacham Manor are in full support of the UK favourites – many of which are offered in the Mulberry Restaurant and The Pavilion and loved by guests from all over Norfolk.

Taking some of the dishes from our own menu as an example, we just couldn’t understand how anyone could stick up their nose at fresh battered haddock served with crispy thick cut chips, peas and tangy tartar sauce? Or ignore the comfort of a mouth-watering, slow braised oxtail with herbed potatoes and greens on the side. British food, especially at this time of the year, is warm and comforting – keeping you full and content through the colder months.

You can find more of our own seasonal favourites on our extensive winter menu here. Our restaurant dishes are designed to suit every palette, and we ensure to cater for each dietary requirement. Our Vegan menu contains many British favourites too and is a popular choice at our Mulberry Restaurant.

Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes and Gravy with bowls of seasonal vegetable in soft focus in the background.

Our History

British cuisine, at its core, is an eclectic mix of produce introduced by invading countries throughout our history. Many of our classic dishes were introduced by the Romans, the Normans or from explorers discovering new foods across the world. With many layers to our history has come a diverse range of goods that we have come to know as common British dishes, with examples including classic crumpets, Stilton cheese, sticky toffee puddings, roast dinners, Cornish pasties and many more.

A lot of the negative connotations associated with the food in Britain comes from an outdated view of its culture post-war in the 20th century. With rationing continuing years after the Second World War, the UK had to find ways to ensure that cheap food lasted or was palatable enough to consume. From this the idea that British food is bland and boiled arose. Since our post war days, dishes have become far more diverse once more, with plenty of fresh produce back at our disposal.

Seared scallops garnished with red cress on pea puree with crispy fried black pudding

Why We Care?

We stand up to the jabs seen online at our nation’s beloved classics, not just because we’re English but because we have spent the time refining British favourites to serve in our own Mulberry Restaurant. Far from ‘bland’ or ‘weird’, our menus are crafted to ensure we offer a mix of choices to suit every guest. We regularly look to ensure that this matches the season, with plenty of starters, mains or desserts that are guaranteed to get each of our guests excited, no matter their age or dietary requirements.

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