Celebrate the Coronation with Heacham Manor Hotel

With the Coronation of King Charles III just around the corner, the anticipation and excitement of royalists and proud Brits around the world is brewing like a pot of English tea.

With a royal flush of convenient bank holidays, and an array of celebrations of the first coronation in 69 years taking place across North Norfolk, there’s never been a better opportunity to book a stay at Heacham Manor. Whether you’re looking for a short stay to share the celebrations over the bank holiday weekend, or you’ve booked out the whole week to get into the royal spirit, Heacham Manor is the place to stay. With our luxurious rooms, peaceful grounds and delectable Mulberry Restaurant menu, we will make you feel like you’re staying in a palace fit for royalty.

Royal Sandringham Estate

Feel like royalty with a trip to Sandringham estate.

Sandringham Estate is the country home to the British Royal Family, a much loved winter destination for the late Queen Elizabeth II, and a fantastic destination to visit in the lead up to the coronation. Described by King George V as “The place I love more than anywhere else in the world”, it definitely has the Royal Seal of Approval. The grounds, covering 800 hectares in the heart of North Norfolk, are home to breath-taking woodland, heath, and gardens.

The crown-jewel being the House itself, is one of the most famous stately homes in the UK and has been pen to the public since 1977. Though 24 acres of Woodland and Heath – the Sandringham Royal Park is open to the public every day of the year, any visits to the house will require booking in advance.

From Heacham Manor, it is just a short 15 minute drive to Sandringham Estate, making it the perfect place to visit. There are always exciting events and activities at the estate – with plenty more added to the social calendar on the lead up to the coronation weekend. Exclusive-access guided tours around the House, and a display of a collection of watercolours painted by His Majesty the King in the Ballroom, are the pick of the bunch. Or, visit the gardens to see the spring flowering of Daffodils and Snowdrops. Fall in love with the estate as so many monarchs have over the years.

Mulberry Restaurant Afternoon Tea

Looking for more?

Looking for other ways to fill your weekend? There are a range of celebration events to mark the jubilant coronation weekend taking place across North Norfolk, all of which are easily accessible from Heacham Manor. Coronation day is being celebrated in Kings Lynn, with the event broadcasted on a big screen from King’s Staithe Square and entertainment and activities taking place all weekend. 

Why not also make use of the fantastic facilities at Heacham Manor? Our 18-hole course is part of the Golf World Top 100 Golf Resorts in UK & Ireland. Who wouldn’t love to play a round of golf on the lush, spring grass next to the Norfolk Coastline on a warm, bright and peaceful May day?

Then, once you’ve finished your round, retreat back to the Manor for our Afternoon Tea - available daily from 12 noon to 2:30 pm. Expect to find tiers of savoury delights, replacing the familiar sweet treats with something with a bit more bite!

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Many of you may remember the Queen’s coronation – it’s a day you’ll never forget. Make sure May 6th is another day you’ll treasure for the rest of your life. Book your Coronation Break at Heacham Manor today!

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