The Pocahontas Project: Become a Piece of Peace

The Pocahontas Project: Become a Piece of Peace
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Sunday 21st March 2021 marks the 404th anniversary of famed Native American, Pocahontas’ funeral. Forever etched in history despite her only living to the age of 21, this heroine holds some strong ties to the village of Heacham.

When Pocahontas married Englishman, John Rolfe, the newlyweds and their son, Thomas travelled back to the husband’s native land and resided in Heacham. It is here that legends are born as it is believed that the Native American princess planted a Mulberry seed in the grounds of what is now Heacham Manor Hotel, the tree blossomed and grew and is now a signature feature in the grounds today.

400 year old Mulberry tree planted by Pocahontas

The story of Pocahontas has been inspiring people ever since. The Pocahontas Project has been working diligently since 2017 to create a better world for the future bringing hope, peace and sustainability.

In association with The Pocahontas Project Creative Arts Initiative, this Sunday marks the online event ‘Become a Piece of Peace’. Likeminded individuals are invited to share online their message of Peace in honour of Pocahontas through whatever artistic medium calls to them. Local Heacham historian, Christine Dean has already begun to get involved with the project by taking a doll of Pocahontas given to her from direct descendants and placing it on the Heacham Manor grounds by the famous Mulberry tree.

Would you like to walk on the same grounds as Pocahontas? In line with Government advice, Heacham Manor Hotel will open for Self-Catering breaks from Monday 12th April. Prices start at £351 (3-Night Break). Click here to find out more.