Ownership Overview

Guaranteed Returns

You become the beneficiary of immediate uncapped rental income with a guaranteed minimum yield of 6% net for the first 2 years of owning an investment property.

Projections are expected to reach a net return of 6.7% in 2013. And with today's low cost mortgages, you can magnify your profit with geared yields close to 9% with less than £66,000 of your own money down.


Guaranteed Enjoyment

The lovely coastal setting and the fantastic Heacham Manor lifestyle are sure to please you as you enjoy your 6 weeks free use of the property every year.

Together with free golf and other leisure privileges with a total value of over £6,000 per year you are sure to have a wonderful time coming to relax at this beautiful coastal retreat.

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Current returns of 6.7%

Are you looking for a secure, high yield investment to help you beat today’s low interest rates? Or a holiday home that pays you an income when you’re not using it? You get both as an owner of a Heacham Manor investment property.

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