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As a relatively new club we are keen to grow and develop, and that means getting players out onto the course and enjoying it, and telling their friends. So we do everything we can to make a round of golf at Heacham easy to book, challenging but fun to play – at the right level – and great value for money.

Course Status: 18 holes OPEN We are very happy to be open again, please telephone the clubhouse to make a booking, simply call: 01485 536025

Heacham Manor Golf club ‘Play Safe’ procedure based on guidance from the Golf industry governing bodies.

This procedure will include all aspects of the golfing experience, from arrival in the car park shortly before the round to departure straight away on completion of the round. Golfers will be required to comply with the rules on social distancing throughout. Some temporary provisions in relation to the Rules of Golf will also be necessary to ensure safe play (see 6).


1. Course Set Up

2. Reserving Tee Times

3. Arrival and Waiting to Play

4. During the Round

5. After the Round

6. Rules of Golf Related Matters

1.0 Course Set Up

1.1 Introduction 1.1.1 During the coronavirus crisis the golf governing bodies set an essential maintenance policy which focused on frequency of cutting regimes. Green for example were only allowed to be cut twice a week, Therefore when play is resumed the green speed may play slightly slower than you are used to for the time of year, but we will build up the pace as a when we are allowed to increase the number of cuts.

On the golf course you will find a number of differences. These are aimed at reducing the contact points where players could potentially transfer the virus.
Therefore all bunker rakes have been removed, please try to smooth out your marks as best you can. Our golf course staff will be monitoring bunkers during the day. There are a number of bunkers have been made GUR during this time.
1.1.2 Ball washers are out of use, please don’t touch them.
1.1.3 Benches are out of use, bins can be used but please don’t touch them.
1.1.4 Hole signage is on the course, but all players are reminded not to touch these.
1.1.5 On the course the Flagsticks are being retained. We have ordered the ball retriever system so that you can still putt out, always leaving the pin in the hole, and lift a lever with your putter and the ball we come out. You must not touch the flagstick at any time. Until these arrive we have turned the cups upside down so the ball doesn’t drop in too far and can be easily removed.
1.2 Practice Areas
1.2.1 The practice area will be open 8am -4pm. Limited to two players at a time. However please ensure that you retrieve only your own balls

2.0 Reserving Tee Times
2.1 Bookings
2.1.1 The golf office will be open from 9am – 5pm Monday to Sunday. Please use the existing number. 01485 579825
2.1.2 As the bar/restaurant/clubhouse is not allowed to open and to safeguard our staff and members by reducing contact points, the member of golf staff on duty at the hotel will not be able to deal with any payment transactions. All bookings must be made and paid for in advance.
2.1.3 Our staff will monitor tee bookings on the BRS system to ensure that players are keeping to the playing conditions as set out in this procedure.
2.1.4 Players will be required to book in and pay to play online before travelling to the course.
2.1.5 Players to arrive 15 minutes before their tee off time and leave 10 mins after they have finished.
2.1.6 Tee Times have been arranged for 10 minutes intervals. Visitors will be allowed to book 1 tee time per day. Bookings are allowed for 5 days in advance.
2.1.7 The person booking the tee time will have to specify who they are playing with.
2.1.8 The club are required to have a record of who is playing, please record carefully all players details.
2.1.9 The maximum number of golfers in a group per tee time is 2, (3/4 balls only allowed if everyone lives at the same address.

3.0 Arrival and Waiting to Play
3.1 Car Park
3.1.1 On arrival at the golf course please drive to the sign posted car park. Please arrive no earlier than 15 mins before your tee time. Please change shoes in the car park.
3.2 Clubhouse
3.2.1 The clubhouse and locker room facilities will be closed.
3.3 Buggies
3.3.1 Buggies will be available if they have been booked and paid for prior to arrival, please call the golf office on 01485 579825. The member of golf staff on duty at the hotel shall ensure that the buggies are prepared for use. The MGS will have the buggy waiting next to the putting green 10 mins before play.
3.4 Practice putting green - priority of use to the players in the next group due to tee off. Please ensure the 2 metre distance rule is strictly followed. 4.0 During the Round 4.1 Social Distancing 4.1.1 Players need to ensure that they keep at least 2 metres apart during the round.

4.2 Teeing Areas
4.2.1 Golfers to keep 2 metres apart at teeing areas due the normal close proximity of golfers to one another when tee shots are being played.
4.3 General
4.3.1 Golfers to stay more than 2 metres apart when walking to the ball, searching for a ball and playing shots.
4.3.2 Golfers not to touch stray balls.
4.4 Bunkers
4.4.1 With no rakes allowed on the course, golfers to make their very best efforts to smooth the sand using their club and/or their feet. The member of golf staff on duty will monitor the bunkers.
4.5 Putting Green
4.5.1 Golfers to keep 2 metres apart on the putting greens and not to touch the flagstick.

5.0 After the Round
5.1 Leaving the Course
5.1.1 Golfers to be aware that social distancing is as important after a round as it is during the round, so when the round is over they must leave the course immediately so that there are no gatherings around the clubhouse area.

6.0 Rules of Golf Related Matters

6.1 Amendments
6.1.1 Until further notice, the following provisions are considered acceptable on a temporary basis:
These rules will be amended as guidance from the golf governing bodies change. These rules are there to protect the safety of yourselves and fellow golfer at Heacham Manor Golf Club.

Thank you for your patience and understanding, we hope you enjoy your return to golf.


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Green Fees
Green Fees

Heacham Manor's competitive green fees make quality golf affordable every day of the week. 

We accept a number of two-for-one vouchers as well as Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and Bedfordshire County Cards 7 days a week. These are redeemable against our day rate, but only for bookings made in advance, so do call us, on 01485 579825 or 536030, to book your tee times.

If you are a guest at Heacham Manor Hotel, Searles Leisure Resort or a member’s guest, you can benefit from discounted green fees.

Extras include:

Trolley Hire
18 Holes = £4.00  Day Rate = £5

Buggy Hire
Visitors: 18 Holes= £25  Day Rate = £30

Buggy and trolley hire is available at the Avocet Barn. Advance booking is recommended.
All buggy users must complete and sign a ‘Conditions of Use’ form prior to using the buggy. Forms are available at the Avocet Barn. Buggies cannot be used if the form has not been completed and signed.

Dress Code

We request all players respect and adhere to the standard dress code for golf.
Tailored trousers or shorts and a collared shirt must be worn. Golf shoes should be worn for your own stability.

Play Ready Golf at Heacham Manor to speed up play: Find out more about Ready Golf