Wild Ken Hill

Wild Ken Hill
Nature & Wildlife

A popular hotspot in the Norfolk area for people wanting to get out and walk in nature is Wild Ken Hill, located only 5 minutes from Heacham Manor Hotel. The wooded area provides a picturesque scene that is enough to take visitors breath away, but recently it has also seen an emergence of wildlife.

The conservationists at Wild Ken Hill have taken measures to protect all wildlife, great or small. From leaving hedges untouched to their refusal of using pesticides.

Exmoor Pony in field by Vicky Hoy

These measures have not only helped create a vibrant space for many insects to thrive, but also helped the large estate’s birds of prey to make great strides too. On a clear day in the area, it is possible for avid birdwatchers to spot species such as kestrels, swallows, and blue tits.

However, the most ambitious project they have taken on recently has been the reintroduction of wild beavers into the area. Something that has not only caught the eye of visitors but also of BBC’s Springwatch 2021.

The popular show hosted by Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan will be coming live from Wild Ken Hill providing a closer look at the wildlife for viewers from over thirty cameras covering the area.

Calf in a hayfield by Vicky Hoy

You can see the majestic birds, fascinating insects, and hopefully some of the illustrious beavers each Tuesday to Friday night at 8:00 PM on BBC Two for the next three weeks. The show will also be available on iPlayer for people wanting to catch up on all they have missed so far.

For those looking to get close to the action visit the Wild Ken Hill Website and book your guided tour today.

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