The Best Nature and Wildlife Attractions in North Norfolk

The Best Nature and Wildlife Attractions in North Norfolk
Nature & Wildlife

As an area of great natural beauty, North Norfolk is blessed with a rich array of nature and wildlife attractions. Whether it's the seal colonies at Hunstanton or the wonders of our many nature parks and reserves, North Norfolk truly is a nature lover's dream destination.

In this week's blog we take a look at some of the highlights of North Norfolk's nature and wildlife attractions.

NWT Holme Dunes

The nature reserve at Holme Dunes is one of Norfolk's most important bird watching sites. The location of the reserve, at the intersection of The Wash and the North Sea, makes it a magnet for migrating birds, with over 320 different bird species having been identified over the years at Holme Dunes, in a diverse range of different habitats.

Among the many bird species which can be seen at different points throughout the year at Holme Dunes are barn owls, avocets, Slavonian grebes, spotted redshanks, lapwings and pied flycatchers. The habitats which support the birdlife at Holme Dunes also plays host to other wildlife, including dragonflies, butterflies and natterjack toads.

Heacham Manor and Searles Leisure Resort are proud sponsors of the Norfolk Wildlife Trust and have a close working relationship with Holme Dunes in particular. Each year, in Spring, Summer and Autumn, we offer "walk n talk" packages, providing a unique way to experience the Holme Dunes nature reserve. Keep an eye on for more information during these months.

For our best available rates, check online and book the Manor for your next stay and incorporate a visit to any of these amazing nearby wildlife reserves; or call us on 01485 536 030.

RSPB Titchwell Marsh Nature Reserve

Titchwell Marsh is one of the RSPB's most popular nature reserves and is a designated Area of Natural Beauty. Thousands of migrating birds pass through the nature reserve in spring and autumn, and many nest there for winter.

Situated on the North Norfolk coast, Titchwell offers stunning views across the local landscape and out to The Wash. The Reserve plays host to a rich and diverse array of birdlife at different points throughout the year, including swallows, bearded tits, avocets, redshanks and marsh harriers. Other animal species can also be found at Titchwell, too, including Chinese water deer and various butterfly specimens.

Titchwell Marsh Nature Reserve is open every day of the year and there is a £5 charge per car for non-members.

Snettisham Park

A great destination for families, Snettisham Park is a 329 acre working farm. Throughout the year you can get up close and personal with the inner workings of the farm. From February to April it's lambing season, and over 400 ewes give birth in this period. There are great activities to get involved with throughout the year, however, including bottle feeding lambs, helping to collect freshly laid eggs, grooming ponies, feeding the goats and watching the feeding of the young calves.

There are three trails to walk round on the farm: a 3/4 mile farming trail, a 1.5 mile discovery trail and a 2.5 mile archaeology trail. Each walk allows you to explore a small part of the North Norfolk countryside and to enjoy the abundant wildlife species and habitats.

Last but not least, Snettisham Park runs a 45 minute Deer Safari ride where you will be taken deep into the 329 acre farm to see the herds of free roaming red deer. It's deer calving season in May, June and July, so if you take the safari in the summer months, you may even get to see some baby red deer!

Snettisham Park, the Visitor Centre and the shop are open every day from 10:00 - 17:00 and from 09:00 - 17:00 in the summer holidays.

See the Seals

If you're a nature lover in Norfolk then a trip to see the seals is an absolute must. In North Norfolk there are large colonies of Common Seals which are growing in number every year. At Hunstanton you can see Common Seals, while Grey Seals can be seen at Blakeney. The summertime is a particularly great time to see the seals as not only do you get to see them lazily basking in the sun, but also because the Common Seals give birth to their pups up until August.

The seals at The Wash in Hunstanton, of which there are about 3,000, can be visited on the Searles Sea Tours. The Sea Tour departs from Hunstanton, and sails from there to visit the local seal population. The seals are inqusitive and generally friendly creatures who often swim alongside the visiting boats!

The Searles Sea Tour Seal Safari boards at the Sea Tours Kiosk, Central Promenade, Hunstanton. Ticket prices are £17.00 for adults and £8.50 for children under 14.

Holkham National Nature Reserve

Holkham National Nature Reserve covers almost 4,000 hectares running east to west from Burnham Overy to Wells-next-the-Sea. Most of the area can be explored by a number of intersecting footpaths which provide access to the diverse and varied wildlife which lives in the Reserve, from herds of deer to pink-footed geese.

Much of the Holkham National Nature Reserve landscape is actually man-made, and was reclaimed from the saltmarshes beginning in the seventeenth century. To this day, work continues to preserve the land and hold back the sea.

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