The Home Spa Experience

The Home Spa Experience
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Make the ultimate feel-good playlist

The power of music really is amazing, so spend a little time putting together a playlist that makes you feel good. The great thing about being at home is that you can tailor these playlists exactly to your personal taste. While you might choose traditional spa music, there’s nothing wrong with putting on your favourite tunes that make you smile. This is all about creating time for yourself.

Say goodbye to technology

We’re so reliant on our phones, tvs and computers for entertainment that it can be difficult to switch off and really relax. Once you’ve created your playlist, turn those phones to aeroplane mode, put your gadgets in a drawer and chill out for a few hours. Whether you choose to read a book, or just indulge in the peace and quiet, you’ll be amazed at how you feel after some time away from the screens.

Treat yourself to a fluffy robe

Nothing says “spa day” like the luxurious robes you get to relax in, so why not treat yourself? Besides, once you’ve invested in a fluffy robe, you’ll basically get to enjoy a spa treat every time you get out of the bath and shower.

Turn the lights down

It’s the cosy, dim lighting in spa treatment rooms that make them feel so relaxing, and you can recreate this at home. Turn the lights off and light your favourite candles, using a dim lamp if you need a little extra light for reading. If it’s day time, just pull the curtains to shut out the outside world and create the same effect.

Enjoy a warm bath or shower

You might not have a jacuzzi or plunge pool at home, but you can still enjoy a warm, relaxing soak. While a bath or shower is part of your usual routine, spending that little extra time and adding your favourite bubbles or bath bomb, or a fancy shower gel is a surefire way to turn this from daily routine to extra-special treat.

At-home treatments

A professional massage might be off the cards for the moment, but you can still enjoy a spa treatment or two at home. Get a warm bowl of warm, bubbly water and you’re well on the well to a manicure or pedicure – add in your favourite body lotion to give yourself a relaxing hand or foot massage and you’re away. If you want to go all out, you could even put on a face mask while you’re at it. Haven’t got any in? There are plenty of homemade face mask recipes on the internet, using ingredients you’ll have in your cupboard.

Whether you’ve got a few hours to spare or have a full day for your at-home spa, these tips are sure to help you unwind. And, if you want a real relaxing treat to look forward to, why not treat  yourself to a Heacham Manor spa voucher so you can enjoy the real deal once we reopen?