Celebrating the Finest Norfolk Food

Celebrating the Finest Norfolk Food
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Heacham Manor's own Mulberry Restaurant is proud to be included as part of Norfolk Restaurant Week which celebrates the region's vibrant culinary scene from 29th October to 9th November.

To coincide with Norfolk Restaurant Week, we thought we'd take a look at some of the local delicacies which make Norfolk a food lover's dream.

Brancaster Mussels

Succulent and juicy Brancaster Mussels are harvested in the charming North Norfolk village of Brancaster, but are enjoyed at pubs and restaurants throughout the region.

The pristine harbour waters of Brancaster are fertile breeding grounds for mussels, which are collected when they're young, and then transported to tidal creek beds and left to mature before being harvested.

Once referred to as the 'poor man's shellfish' due to their popularity and low-cost, mussels can now be found on the menu of high-end restaurants, as well as bring sold on seaside stalls, in any month in which they are in season (roughly September to April).

Stiffkey Cockles

Cockles are among the nation's favourite seaside treats, and Stiffkey Cockles are know as one of the finest varieties of cockles available anywhere in the country.

Stiffkey Cockles are known locally as 'Stewkey Blues' on account of their blue-grey hue which comes from the mud and sand which forms their natural habitat.

Cockles are harvested in Stiffkey in the same way they have been for centuries using broad rakes and nets. Once harvested, Stiffkey Cockles are best enjoyed in soups, pies, or eaten by the seaside with vinegar and a dash of pepper!

Cromer Crab

Perhaps the most famous of all Norfolk cuisine, Cromer Crab are beloved for their sweet white meat, which thrives in the shallow of the chalk reef on the Cromer coastline.

The Cromer Crab is such a unique Norfolk delicacy that its dimensions are actually recognised in law! The Cromer Crab's minimum legal shell span of 115mm makes if smaller than any other UK crab!

Cromer Crab is hugely popular in Norfolk and can be found in eating establishments across the region, often accompanies by a nice slice of buttered bread and a squeeze of lemon.

Marsh Samphire

Known variously as 'sea asparagus' or 'sea pickle' samphire is often referred to simply as 'sampha' by locals. This delicious coastal plant thrives in the tidal salt marshes and creeks of the Norfolk coast and is usually at its best in springtime.

In appearance, Samphire looks a little bit like skinny asparagus (hence 'sea asparagus'), and like asparagus, has a satisfying crunch to it, and is best enjoyed steamed with butter!

The Mulberry Restaurant at Heacham Manor is a passionate advocate of Norfolk cuisine, and our menus frequently feature the very finest local ingredients, ranging from freshly caught fish from the Norfolk coast, to meat reared on famous local estates such as Royal Sandringham.

The Mulberry Restaurant is also a proud recipient of the AA Rosette, which recognises distinguished cooking at all levels throughout the UK.

To book a table at the Mulberry Restaurant, please call 01485 536030, or click here to browse through our selection of menus.