The Best Dog Friendly Beaches in North Norfolk

The Best Dog Friendly Beaches in North Norfolk

The Best Dog Friendly Beaches in North Norfolk

Norfolk boasts one of the most famous and best loved coastlines in the UK, perfect for long morning walks with your four legged friend. Unfortunately, not all Norfolk beaches are dog friendly.

To help you plan your next walk we've put together five of the very finest dog friendly beaches in Norfolk, for you and your dog to enjoy all year round.


The first item on our dog friendly beach list is Snettisham, Norfolk's only west facing beach. Snettisham is an uncommercialised, mainly shingle beach, bursting with wildlife all year round. The tide goes out a long way at Snettisham, revealing the sand and mudflats which attract a variety of wading birds such as knots, avocets and bar-tailed godwit. Snettisham really is a birder's delight, with the RSPB Snettisham Nature Reserve adjacent to the west. You can walk your dog in the nature reserve also, but you should make sure they're under control and that they don't run amok among the protected wildlife!

Snettisham is a charming beach, and one which does not exert the commercial pull of many nearby beaches. For this reason it's the perfect spot for a long, lazy walk with your dog.

Heacham South and North

Just down the road from Snettisham, is our very own Heacham beach. Heacham beach is divided into two seperate beaches, 'North' and 'South'. Heacham South, backed by sand dunes, is a great walk for you and your dogs. Heacham North has a promenade, which means you can walk without getting sand in your shoes, but it's probably best to keep your dogs under control here. Similar to Snettisham, both beaches are quite shingly, but also similar to Snettisham, the tide tends to go out quite far, leaving vast swathes of hard sand for you and your dog to enjoy.

Old Hunstanton

There are two beaches in Hunstanton: 'Old' and 'New'. The two differ in significant ways. New Hunstanton is a resort type beach, with fun attractions for all the family. New Hunstanton is also a very pebbly beach, and not particuarly dog friendly (dogs are prohibited from the power ramp to the north of the promenade in the summer months). Old Hunstanton, meanwhile, is a beautiful, expansive sandy beach, which, although popular, offers little of the resort style entertainment of the 'New' beach. More importantly for our purposes, Old Hunstanton is very much dog friendly. Meaning you and your pet can enjoy the golden sands of one of Norfolk's finest beaches together all year round.

Wells and Holkham Beach

The jewel in the North Norfolk crown, Wells and Holkham Beach (also known as Holkham), offers miles and miles of golden sand, pine trees and dunes for you and your four legged friend to enjoy all year round. Wells and Holkhan is a highly dog friendly beach, with ample facilities provided for cleaning up any mess. Indeed, the beach was recently recognised for its dog friendliness, and awarded in 2015 as 'Best Beach' in the Kennel Club's Be Dog Friendly Awards. While dogs and walkers can enjoy Wells and Holkham Beach all year round without restrictions, caution is advised on the adjacent Holkham Nature Reserve. Here dogs should be kept on a lead or under close control so they don't disturb or distress any of the wildlife in the area.


Travelling further east along the Norfolk coast from Holme you will come to Brancaster. This stunning beach is part of the Brancaster Estate which is owned by the National Trust, a designated area of natural beauty. As you would expect, this is one of the most picturesque beaches in Norfolk, with miles of golden sand stretching out before you in every direction. Brancaster also plays host to the shipwreck of SS Vina, a popular attraction which should be viewed from a safe distance. Attempting to walk out to the shipwreck is extremely dangerous due to volatility of the tides. This is a dog friendly beach, but there is a small dog restriction in the summer months on the main beach. You and your dog will be fine if you walk east or west away from the main beach, however.

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