The History

Built in 1580 During the Reign of Elizabeth I

Built in 1580 During the reign of Elizabeth I, Heacham Manor Hotel is reputed to have originally served as the home of a ‘cell’ of monks of the Cluniac Order, who swore allegiance to the Abbot of Cluny, in Burgundy.

Over the years the manor became the homestead for a local farm, whose occupants and farm managers included the families of the famous explorer Robin Hanbury-Tenison and legendary cricketer Bill Edrich. Another legend of British Cricketing, Denis Compton is rumoured to have bowled to Bill on the lawn. The longstanding Norfolk Edrich family was so big and sporting they had their own cricket eleven.

Perhaps the most famous visitor to the Manor was Pocahontas (born Amonute and known as Matoaka), the Native American princess who came to England in 1616 with her husband John Rolfe, whose family owned Heacham Hall, a few hundred yards away.

Local legend has it that the Mulberry tree that stands next to the arbour on the grounds of Heacham Manor was planted by Pocahontas with seed she'd brought from America. The Red Mulberry (Morus Rubra) was considered an important part of Native American culture as the fruit was used for food, medicine and as a clothing dye. It is in honour of this incredible tale that crosses continents that we named our restaurant.